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TITLE: Sandcastles  PLAYWRIGHT: Bob Larbey  PERFORMANCE DATES: 25th - 27th March 2004  DIRECTOR: Jill Pearson 


William Patterson Terry Brown Margaret Patterson Barbara Hardcastle Stan Billet Brian Rowland Bernice Billet Pam Newsholme Mother Billet Sadie Ashton Pauline (Bernice’s sister) Carole Money Doug Nigel Walker Debs (Doug’s niece) Nicki Cowie Becky (Doug’s niece) Jennifer Alstead Mrs Penfold Alma Belbin Mrs Newman Doreen Stockdale Ida Kite Pat Davison Mr Kite Ken Davison A Beachcomber Frank Atkinson Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details 


William and Margaret Patterson are a relatively elderly couple who have holidayed in  the same place for years, and own their own beach hut. They await, without much  enthusiasm, the annual arrival of the awful Billet family, whilst wondering also what has  happened to the Woodersons who haven't been seen for a few years.   The Billets duly arrive, bringing with them not only Stan's mother, but Bernice's sister  Pauline, on the rebound from a failed relationship. Then, to everyone's surprise, come  not the Woodersons but 'renters' - the affable Doug and his two nieces (or are they?).  They have no idea of the 'hutters' unwritten rules, but under Stan's guidance soon learn  about 'ownership' of space which isn't in fact theirs to own.  Meanwhile a few stray 'beach' people have tried to assert territorial rights over the  space immediately in front of the huts. Confrontation is inevitable, and solutions are  looking impossible to find. Then Doug hits upon an idea…… 



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