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TITLE: Salt Of The Earth  PLAYWRIGHT: John Godber  PERFORMANCE DATES: 15th-17th May 2014  DIRECTOR: Jill Pearson 


May Nicki Clay Alice, the maid Linda Baillie Harry David Lane Roy Samuel Valentine Paul / Mr Poole Phil Pickering Kay / Cherry Lucy Dawes Tosh Ed Kisby Mrs Potter Norma Nicholson Mrs Gillespie Lisa Valentine Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details  Click HERE for production programme 


A richly humorous, affectionate and touching portrait of life in the West Yorkshire  coalfields. Spanning three generations, from 1947 to the present, this compelling saga vividly  captures the dreams, ambitions, joys, fears, heartaches and disappointments of the  Parker sisters, Annie and May, whose hopes centre on May's son, Paul, and his  academic success.



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WELCOME TO OUR LATEST PRODUCTION FROM THE MONDAY PLAYERS…  …however before I comment on this production, some of you may have noticed there  has been a change of Chair within the Society.  I finally succumbed, after having my  arm twisted in several directions, and became the new Chair (man/woman/person:  delete as appropriate) during our recent AGM in February 2014. David Lane has  decided to stand down as Chairman after a very successful 17 years and I would like to  take this opportunity once again to thank David on behalf of both members and  audience for his dynamic and energetic leadership. Further recollections of David’s  reign can be found later in this programme.  So now on to our current production of Salt of the Earth by John Godber, a slight  change of direction from our usual lean towards comedy plays.  It has both humour and  poignancy in equal measure; a play depicting the lives of two Yorkshire sisters from a  mining community which spans three generations over 41 years.   This play has brought about the usual casting difficulties, more so perhaps because of  the age range required of the characters. Fortunately we have been able to attract  some new faces to our society, and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome on  board Ed Kinsby, Lucy Dawes and Sam & Lisa Valentine. Jill Pearson very kindly  stepped in to direct this play at short notice, a play which she has herself acted in. As  director she will have her own reflections on the rehearsal period, but on behalf of cast  members, I think trying to co-ordinate the dancing while delivering dialogue caused us  some (okay, a lot of) consternation! Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you enjoy very much our latest  production. I would also like to thank our sponsors – your support is greatly appreciated  as always. Nicki Clay