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TITLE: Relative Values  PLAYWRIGHT: Noel Coward  PERFORMANCE DATES: 20th-22nd November 2014  DIRECTOR: Ken Davison 


Frederick Crestwell Graeme Parker Alice, the maid Rosie Hopwood Mrs Moxton (Moxie) Norma Nicholson Felicity, Countess of Marshwood Barbara Miller Lady Hayling Sadie Ashton Admiral, Sir John Hayling Andrew Faulkes The Hon. Peter Ingleton Samuel Valentine Nigel, Earl of Marshwood Nick Leaf Miranda Frayle Linda Baillie Don Lucas David Lane Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details  Click HERE for production programme 


England, 1950, East Kent. Nigel, the eligible Earl of Marshwood, announces his  engagement to a Hollywood actress, Miranda Frayle.   Felicity, Nigel's mother, disapproves strongly. Miranda's 'ex', a well-known Hollywood  star, decides to cross the Atlantic and reclaim the love of his life; Felicity seizes this  opportunity to encourage him, as well as managing some unexpected revelations from  one of her staff! 



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WELCOME TO OUR LATEST PRODUCTION FROM THE MONDAY PLAYERS…  It only seems like yesterday that Ken Davison offered to direct and produce Relative  Values, yet here we are about 12 months and a few grey hairs later, and after 12 weeks  of rehearsals, ready and waiting in the wings. Ken seems to have a penchant for  classic plays having already directed Blithe Spirit, Separate Tables and Pygmalion.   It is quite a relief for all involved that we have reached the point of performance. It did  seem during the first few weeks of rehearsals that it may have to be substituted with a  reserve play! Once again, due to lack of availability, we found ourselves struggling to  cast the male characters. An SOS was put out to all members in order to try to fill the  roles. Our two men of the moment arrived in the form of Nick Leaf (some of you may  remember him from the old music hall days, and as Lieutenant Gruber in 'Allo 'Allo) and  Andrew Faulkes who I think was the first cast member to have learned all his lines!   Also joining us from Riccallish Allsorts is Rosie Hopwood. I remember on more than  one occasion Rosie sitting quietly during rehearsals completing her homework in  between scenes! On behalf of all members I would like to extend a very warm welcome  and a massive thank you to Nick, Andrew and Rosie.   New members are always welcome both on and off stage. Even if this is not of interest  to yourself, please tell your family and friends about us.  I shan't include the full synopsis of Relative Values on my page. This is because: a) this  can be found elsewhere within the programme, or b) I don't understand it! Joking apart,  I would just like to say "break a leg" to all involved. I am a very proud Chair!  Thank you all for your continued support and I hope you enjoy very much our latest  offering. I would also like to thank our sponsors - your support is greatly appreciated as  always. Nicki Clay