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TITLE: Red Riding Hood  PLAYWRIGHT: John Crocker  PERFORMANCE DATES: 9th - 11th January 2003  DIRECTOR: Jill Pearson 


Red Riding Hood Beverley Joughin Bo Peep Lucy Atkinson Dame Trot Vic Heard Sir Falsehood Alan Rome Hardy Hood Julie Barnie Foolhardy Hood Carole Money Baa Laura Sherwood Baa Baa Sophie Quarmby Prince Florizel Kate Newall Poppet Karen Brunyee The Dowager Faity Dutiful Vicky Stocks Demon Sheerspite David Lane Lupe the Wolf Brian Rowland CHILDREN Heather Axford Joe Robinson Elizabeth Buck Chloe Simpson Amelia Cox Hanna Wade Melissa Gannaway Jamie Wade Jessica Quarmby Hannah Wulder Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details 


Act 1 Scene 1: Red Riding Hood’s Farmyard  Scene 2: In the Forest  Scene 3: The Wolf’s Lair in the Forest  Scene 4: On the way to “Hood Hall”  Scene 5: Inside” Hood Hall”  Act 2 Scene 1: Outside the Squire’s House  Scene 2: The Squire’s Banquet  Scene 3: In the Forest  Scene 4: Dame Trot’s Cottage  Scene 5 Outside the Squire’s House  Scene 6: The Grand Wedding Reception 



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