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TITLE: The Odd Couple (female version!)  PLAYWRIGHT: Neil Simon  PERFORMANCE DATES: 14th-16th May 2015  DIRECTOR: David Lane 


Sylvie Sophie Griffiths Mickey Lisa Valentine Renee Jill Pearson Vera  Pat Davison Olive Madison Nicki Clay Florence Unger Linda Baillie Manolo Costazuela Graeme Parker Jesus Costazuela Samuel Valentine Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details  Click HERE for production programme 


Neil Simon's famous update of his contemporary classic starts with a group of women  friends playing their regular game of Trivial Pursuit.  This week, the coterie is meeting at the apartment of Olive Madison, a divorcee who  freely admits to being a slob: "I leave a mess when I read a book."   Late to arrive is Florence Unger, a stickler for detail who would try the patience of a  saint, and who has unfortunately just become separated from her husband.   As life would have it, the slob and the fuss-budget decide to room together -- with  hilarious results!  Within days, Florence's obsessive habits start taking their toll on Olive and their friends.  The only remedy Olive can think of (a pair of brothers from Barcelona) disastrously  backfires, and the two women are forced to agree on one thing -- even the best of  friends sometimes make the worst of roommates. 



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WELCOME TO OUR LATEST PLAY OFFERING... …Neil Simon's The Odd Couple (female version!), and thank goodness he rewrote the  original for a female cast. It seems to be an increasingly perplexing task finding suitable  plays for the group to perform, this mainly being due to a decrease of the 'male' variety  within the society. After watching and thoroughly enjoying this play a few years back, performed by our  fellow drama group Riccallish Allsorts we had the view to take a further look at it  ourselves when the time was right. That time is now ...6 female and 2 male  characters... no contest! David Lane was equally enthusiastic about the play and kindly  offered to direct, announcing from the start his wish to produce it 'in the round ' (far less  scary now we have a few under our belts).  As always, each play brings about new challenges: David's challenge was the blocking  of 'in the round' stage movements for the benefit of the audience, designing the set and  utilising the full performing space; the actors' challenge was becoming au fait with New  York and Spanish characters! I would describe our fine efforts as an international  smorgasbord of accents!  I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to our latest  members... Sophie Griffiths, Anita Shipley and Joy & Peter Young. Thank you to our audience and sponsors for your continued support and patronage. It  is, as always, greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy the play. Nicki Clay