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TITLE: Ladies’ Day  PLAYWRIGHT: Amanda Whittington  PERFORMANCE DATES: 16th-18th May 2013  DIRECTOR: Barbara Miller 


Pearl, a fish packer Alma Belbin Jan, a fish packer Linda Baillie Shelley, a fish packer Nicki Clay Linda, a fish packer Linda Baillie Joe, their supervisor Brian Rowland Fred, a ticket tout David Belbin Commentator Phil Pickering Jim McCormack, a tv pundit David Lane Patrick, an Irish jockey Phil Pickering Kevin, a gambler Phil Pickering Barry, a bookie Ken Davison Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details  Click HERE for production programme 


Work, love and life are one hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley  and Linda.   Their luck changes when Linda finds tickets to Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot in York. Out  go the hairnets and overalls as the girls do themselves up and head for the races.   As the day unfolds, the champagne flows, secrets spill out and their horses keep  winning. By the last race, the girls are on course for a life-changing win.  



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Hello and welcome to ‘Ladies’ Day’ on behalf of myself and all of The Monday Players.  The temporary relocation of Royal Ascot to York in 2005 was a memorable event. Local  residents who had to struggle with the chaotic traffic conditions it caused will certainly  never forget it, nor will the taxi drivers who just for once had a good excuse to avoid the  city centre and take their unsuspecting passengers on an expensive detour! But one  person's nightmare is another person's dream come true, especially if that person is of  the female persuasion and needs an excuse to wear an eye-boggling hat...  We have been working hard on Sunday and Monday evenings over the past few  months to provide our local community with a little live theatre. Barbara Miller returns  as director for this show. Her last directorial outing was in 2010 (Taking Steps) and she  has been working tirelessly alongside Jill Pearson (Assistant Director) and her team to  produce something we are very proud of, something that you, our audience, will  hopefully enjoy.  For this production proceeds from the raffle will include a donation to the Escrick Village  Hall Ceiling Fund. Thank you once again for your continued support, attendance,  laughter and applause – and we hope you will join us again in November as we  celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Monday Players by revisiting our first ever  production: Season’s Greetings by Alan Ayckbourn. I would like to also take this opportunity to thank our sponsors – your support is greatly  appreciated as always.  David Lane 


In response to our request for a fan club badge to use as costume in this production  The Monday Players received this kind response from singer Tony Christie: