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TITLE: Comic Potential  PLAYWRIGHT: Alan Ayckbourn PERFORMANCE DATES: 3rd - 5th April 2008  DIRECTOR: Barbara Miller 


The Doctor (male android) David Lane The Mother (female android) Kath Wilson The Young Man (male android) Arran Carney Jacie Triplethree (female android) Nicki Clay Prim Spring Norma Nicholson Chandler Tate Hugh Dower Trudi Floote Jill Pearson Carla Pepperbloom Linda Baillie Adam Trainsmith Steve Larkin The Farmer (male android) Frank Atkinson The Farmer’s Wife (female android) Sadie Ashton Lester Trainsmith Keith Old Marmion Cedilla David Lane Desk Clerk (in foyer of The Grand Hotel) David Belbin Girl (in hotel boutique and restaurant) MacKenzie Crompton Man (in hotel boutique and restaurant) Keith Old Boutique Assistant Pam Newsholme Waiter One (in The Grand Hotel restaurant) Brian Rowland Waiter Two (in The Grand Hotel restaurant) Terry Yates Prostitute MacKenzie Crompton Turkey Samuel Valentine Technician Terry Yates Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details 


In the near future, former film-maker Chandler 'Chance' Tate is directing a banal  television soap. Actoids have replaced human actors and one, Jacie, appears to have a  glitch as she keeps breaking into laughter. Filming is interrupted by high-powered executive Carla Pepperbloom and the TV  magnate Lester Trainsmith’s nephew Adam. Adam is a writer, a dying breed, and  idolises the work of Chance. When Adam is left in the studio, he runs an old Buster  Keaton movie and Jacie begins to laugh. Adam begins to teach her the basics of  comedy leading to Jacie doing a double-take when filming on the soap resumes.  Initially sceptical, Chance talks to Adam about Jacie and the art of comedy and Jacie  demonstrates her talent for the job. Clandestinely, the pair agree to work on a comedy  film with Jacie. She is given freedom to improvise and under Chance’s tutelage begins  to learn more.  The mute Lester Trainsmith arrives with Carla and Jacie's comedy scene is shown;  Carla tears it apart and Chance loses his temper. Carla continues to insist on changes  and finds herself on the receiving end of a custard pie from Jacie. Lester laughs and  approves the film but orders Jacie to be scrapped. Carla returns and orders the studio  closed. Jacie initially doesn’t mind being scrapped but after she and Adam dance and  kiss, she realises she doesn’t want to ‘die’. Adam and Jacie go on the run and check in at the Grand Hotel, go shopping and have  a meal - with unforeseen results. Back in their room, Adam uses a Bible to teach Jacie  to read. Unfortunately, Jacie has been tracked and Adam sends her to a cheap ‘hotel’  to hide, although she is becoming increasingly unstable and distressed as she begins  to feel real emotions. Adam returns, but is stabbed by a pimp who believes Jacie is a  prostitute. Jacie over-powers him, but distraught that Adam has been injured, she  returns to the studio. At the studio, Carla is revealed to have leaked Jacie’s story to the press and Lester  proves not to be a mute, firing Carla. He offers Jacie Carla's job, but Jacie is still  confused and decides to be scrapped. Adam returns from the hospital and is given the  bad news by Chance. As he mourns his loss, Jacie reappears and admits she couldn’t  go through with being scrapped. The lovers are reunited, but Jacie looks set to be a  harder taskmaster than Carla in her new role…. 



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