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TITLE: Celebration  PLAYWRIGHT: Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall PERFORMANCE DATES: 16th - 18th November 2000  DIRECTOR: Jill Pearson 


Christine Lucas (the bride) Nicki Clay Rhoda Lucas (her mother) Christina Love Edgar Lucas (her father) Brian Rowland Jack Lucas (her brother) Peter Kitchin Irene Howes (her cousin) Carole Money Lilian Howes (her aunt) Alma Belbin Frank Broadbent (her uncle) David Lane Arthur Broadbent (her great uncle) Frank Atkinson Stan Dyson (Irene’s fiance) Ian Bithell Bernard Fuller (the groom) Darren O’Connor Edna Fuller (his mother) Pam Newsholme Alice Fuller (his aunt) Jean Wall Lionel Fuller (his cousin) Ken Davison Margo Fuller (his cousin’s wife) Pat Davison May Beckett Vicky Stocks Sgt Maj. Tommy Lodge Terry Brown  Click HERE for full Cast and Crew details 


The Wedding and The Funeral make up the two parts of this comedy in which we are  introduced to the same family, first making preparations for a wedding and  subsequently, six months later, returning from the funeral of their Uncle Arthur, a  lovable personality who provides the link between the two plays. 



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